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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Teriyaki Tempeh Stir Fry

After such a wonderful day of chaperoning for my daughters band field trip to Disney Epcot on Wednesday, I came home to make a wonderful Teriyaki Tempeh Stir Fry!! AWESOME!! Although I am adding more veggies and grilled pineapple today, it was so delish!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

After so long I am back. Hopefully as a devote blogger. There has been far too much stress in my life and had to take a sabbatical. I have had to rearrange my life and put it into perspective after so much stress. One of which is getting my diet back to where I like it. Although I am not a veggie any longer (cause I do enjoy flesh every now and again), I prefer veggies and grains more then anything. With both my husband in a different state due to job and my 17 year old son needing to be on his own, my daughter and I have been almost fleshless. :) Today I am making some veggie dawgs for the first time. I have almost all of the ingredients and am making due with what I have in my pantry because I do believe in a well stocked kitchen and the FIFO (first in first out) method. I just made my garbanzo bean flour with my beloved VitaMix and have some garbanzo's cooking on the stove. The dry mix is all prepped and ready to go. I can not wait for the final outcome. After I learn how to share others blogs I will without a doubt share.